Funding, preferably on a regular basis which will allow us to know that there is money in the bank at the end of each month.


Funding to enable us to employ a project manager. To date- except for the meager salaries paid to our staff, all the work has been done on a voluntary basis and we need to employ someone to help with the running of the project. As the project grows, so does the responsibility and we need to pay someone to do the job!


Funding to pay a computer teacher- and someone to help motivate the older boys- a chess coach and a running coach.


The cherry on the top would be a mini bus. A 22-seater at least-and a driver. This would enable the boys to take part in athletic competitions – especially running. This has, to date, been done on a voluntary basis and we really cannot cope. The bus would also be able to collect children who live in outlying areas and bring them to the after care.