In 2000 Elizabeth Mqela, a retired social worker, started caring for about 30 HIV affected children. Using her paltry pension- and with help from Dr Eugene Moore, a local dentist -she managed somehow to feed them.

In 2005 Jakobus Pansegrouw, a social worker employed at the Brandvlei maximum security prison, 10 km outside Worcester, and a group of inmates formed the Group of Hope.

This group, wishing to be of help to children in the local community, approached Elizabeth, who organised lifts for the children to the prison once a month. Here they were entertained, fed and clothed (the inmates made the wonderful eats and even the clothes.)

The project proved such a great success that several awards were granted for the excellent work it did, both in giving the children love and fun, and also for the part played in the rehabilitation of the inmates.

In 2010, after an unfortunate stabbing incident in the prison in which none of the members of the Group of Hope was involved, the powers that be at BRANDVLEI closed down the project.

This meant that the children were abandoned once again.

Marie Botha, wife of a local wine farmer who had been involved in the Group of Hope, started mobilizing forces and in October, 2010 SINETEMBA was born! Elizabeth Mqela has since passed away.

During the past few years the Sinetemba project has grown and thrived under the leadership of our extremely capable project manager Tani Mandisa.