Service Clubs

The local branch of Rotary International has supported us so well over the past year.  The local members persuaded Nic Jooste and Coolfresh to donate our clubhouse container. More recently, Rotary International  has also assisted us with an additional container to house part of the facility , as well as computers for the young learners. Through a bridging grant in Canada they raised a substantial sum of money that provided tables, benches, bookshelves and educational equipment for our classrooms.

The local branch of Round Table donated and erected the playground equipment which continues to be very popular with all the children.


General Reinsurance and Paul Lewis have supported us from the very beginning. Paul raises money by badgering friends to sponsor his participation in mountain bike races! He then doubles whatever he raises- and gen-re then double that! Simon Friedman, also a UK based company, makes an annual donation to Sinetemba. An anonymous sponsor in the UK is sponsoring a high school learner, Mhlali Fonk, to attend Worcester Gymnasium High School. This process is successful and Mhlali is coping well academically.

We have also received remarkable support form businesses in our own Worcester community. Rainbow Chickens have been amazing supporters. They have been sponsoring our huge Christmas party for several years. and they supply us with donations of chickens throughout the year. APL Cartons provide us with a monthly donations and they also sponsor our two post-matric students who are currently busy with tertiary education (one is studying engineering and one is studying agriculture). Volkswagen provide us with a monthly donations and Poole Transport makes an annual donation. We have also received donations from the Winelands Casino. Jojo Tanks donated a water storage tank to the Sinetemba project.


Linda Scott and her daughter, Robin Scott, from Mothers For All who have been there for us before we even started the project. Linda Scott made a particularly generous donation to Sinetemba before she emigrated to the UK in 2018.

Elizabeth’s Children – a UK registered started and managed by Nicky Bull in the UK is by far our biggest donor and has assisted us from the start of Sinetemba.

Private individuals

Carol and Paddy Kilkenny were our very first donors. They bought and paid for the gas stove for the kitchen in Elizabeth’s house. We are still using it. The also provided funding for kitchen equipment- saucepans etc. They continue to support us and we are very grateful.

Robyn Sheldon who supports us on a monthly basis – and has been doing so for many years!

Paul and Craig Arnold donated a great deal of money to us over the past 4 months. They live in the UK and with their friends took part in a LUMA HAWK race in South Africa which is a Joel Stransky charity. The money raised came to us.

Dr Eugene Moore has been giving us food – bread, chicken, etc. since the very beginning.

Bo Raattamaa also provides us with regular donations from Sweden.

Without the help all the above and of the many private donors who may not wish to mentioned we would never have achieved what we have.

Thanks so much to each and every one of you. I wish you could all see the amazing changes your help has made to the lives of so many underprivileged children.

Thank you.

Marie Botha